Munro College Old Boys Association

Tablets for E-Learning

Project Cost: $2,000,000

Timeline: 5 Months

With the closing of schools, students were fast-tracked into the digital classroom. This shift exposed many students especially those who are economically challenged. Many students were without computer devices to access the online teaching that was now to be the norm. The school reached out to the MCOBA to get tablets or computers and we sent out the appeal to the MCOB community.

Scope for the project

Munro College reached out to MCOBA executive, who in turn reached out to the MCOB community.

The request was put out for 200 devices and received 205.

Estimated Completion Date

March 2022

Funding for the project

Class of 2001- 20 tablets

Class of 1995- 20 tablets

Munro Dickenson Trust – 12 tablets

Dr. Derrick Mc Koy- 15 tablets

Cash- Year Group 1980-82- JM$480 000 – equivalent to 40 tablets

Cash Donations-

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