Munro College Old Boys Association


Tablets for E-Learning

With the closing of schools, students were fast-tracked into the digital classroom. This shift exposed many students especially those who are economically challenged. Many students were without computer devices to access the online teaching that was now to be the norm. The school reached out to the MCOBA to get tablets or computers and we sent out the appeal to the MCOB community.

Sports/Football Field Upgrade

From involvement in sports, young people, particularly young men, learn priceless life lessons about gentlemanly conduct, good sportsmanship, fair play, harnessing skills like teamwork and strategy to achieve results, and importantly, reaping rewards from hard work, dedication, discipline and consistency. The physical fitness, critical thinking and dedication one can learn from sports also all help academic performance. In addition, in today’s world, success in sports can also mean a pathway to tertiary academic scholarships and, for those good enough, the possibility of a lucrative professional career in sports or sports management.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade

The Covid Pandemic has forced a significant portion of education delivery to go virtual. This drastic change has brought on great challenges in the delivery of quality education. In meeting these challenges, students at Munro College were beneficiaries of tablets and computers compliments of the Old Boys in May, 2020. This was one of the earliest donations for any high school in Jamaica. However, Munro inadequate internet services predating the pandemic due to its geographic location and the consequent costs to provide the required service.

Rainwater Harvesting Project (RWH)

Located near Malvern, St. Elizabeth, Munro College is in an area of low rainfall and the school’s layout was originally designed back in the 1860’s to be self-sufficient using RWH. The school managed well into the 1970’s with 400 students on roll. As the school population increased so did the water supply from the NWC. Today with 1054 students, the average water bill is approximately $300,000.00 per month.