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Trevor Parchment

Trevor Parchment

Trevor died on Wednesday May 15, 2019.

Trevor Parchment was a throwback to a bye-gone era of sporting versatility inconceivable in this age of sporting specialization.

When still a schoolboy attending the, then prestigious Munro College in St. Elizabeth, Trevor Parchment was selected to represent Jamaica on its senior National Football Team in 1949 against Haiti.

This achievement came just a few months before he won The Boys Pole Vault event at the 1950 Boys Track & Field Championships.

He was also a member of the Munro College’s 1948 Boy’s Track and Field Championship Team- the last time Munro won that championship event.

During the mid-1950; Trevor Parchment was a standout forward on Jamaica’s Filed Hockey Team, representing them against Arch-rivals Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana [British Guyana then], while simultaneously representing Jamaica at Football.

He gained his sports Coaching credentials in Denmark and returned to take up the position of sports master at Munro College. He took Munro College to the DaCosta Cup Football Title in 1957.

Also, at Munro College he established an exceptional Gymnastic schoolboy Team that performed with its Polka Folk Dance Troup across the length and breadth of Jamaica, providing some public relations gains for Munro College.

In 1960, he had moved too coach at Excelsior High in Kingston and that year took them to their only Boys Championship Tittle- and that remains their only, to date.

Trevor Parchment then was recruited by Kingston College, and should one take the time to read the autobiography of the legendary West Indian pace bowler, Michael Holding, one will see mention of Trevor Parchment having influenced the early career of Dr. (Hon.) Michael Holding.

Posted on: April 24th, 2023