Munro College Old Boys Association

Dr. Trevor “T.I.” Robinson

The Munro College Old Boys Association expresses condolence to Trevor’s wife Ranga, their daughter Lisa, son Rohan and all the family, on Trevor’s passing.

We were first privileged to make his acquaintance and mischief in January 1949 in Baby Dorm and lower Third ( now First Form) at Munro College. Very bright, he skipped Upper Third and went to Lower Fourth in 1950. His academic career was successful (School Cert. & HSc.) And in a school known for its toughness he was tough, yes, but also found time to be kind to the homesick & lonely thus giving indication of the caregiver he would turn out to be.

Through the UWI Pathology Lab, then the University of Buffalo he earned his PhD and wooed his wife Ranga who helped him produce Lisa and Rohan and raise them.

His interest in the non-invasive painless echocardiographic procedure (his compassion again) led him with patient fanatical zeal to train his resident interns, care his patients at St. Michaels Hospital University of Toronto thus causing spread of the message and the method to Canada and the world.

Not least, he reflected the glory of his accomplishments on his alma mater – Munro College. He was inducted into the Munro College Old Boys Association Hall of Fame on ninth October 2016, a few weeks before he made his transition to the ultimate Hall of Fame.

Thank you, Trevor. We thank God for Trevor. Walk good T.I.

Posted on: April 24th, 2023