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David Brooke Clark

David Brooke Clark

MCOBA Hall of Fame Inductee (2016) David B. Clark died on May 26, 2022, at the age of 103 years.

Below is a profile of David B. Clark which was posted by his daughter on the MCOBA Facebook page on July 11, 2016.

“My name is Grace Clark Raker, daughter of David B. Clark. I live in Florida and am a friend of Kevin Roper. I wanted to give you information about my father, whom I believe is now your oldest living graduate. He is now 97 years old and still very active, driving and visiting his wife, Helen, who is 96, and in a nursing home.  He graduated from Munro College in 1936…that is 80 yrs ago!

He took and passed his Senior Cambridge Exams and started his first job with Nova Scotia Bank, the main branch, In Kingston, after his graduation, Working with Derek Franklin. He will also be celebrating being an ordained minister of the Missionary Church Association for 75 years. He is a Jamaican, and was raised by his grandparents, Justice (Judge) Clark, of Mandeville, as his mother died when he was a baby and his father was a missionary who went from Mandeville, Jamaica, to Lima, Peru. He had many relatives in Mandeville and Kendal, some of whom were Oscar Lord, who started Moorlands Camp, which is still a thriving & growing Christian summer camp today, Arthur Lord, of Mandeville and Ernest Clark, of Kendal, who were in the cattle and agricultural businesses. He left Jamaica to attend business college in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, and there met his wife, Helen, who was attending Bible College. He felt God calling him to the ministry and gave up business college and his ambitions to go into the Jamaican family businesses and graduated from Fort Wayne Bible College. The Missionary Church asked him to start & nurture churches in Jamaica….He was a pastor at Devon Missionary Church, Mandeville Missionary Church, and First Missionary Church of Kingston, before starting Grace Missionary Church in 1956, all of which are still very active today. He also had a Christian radio program, called The Grace Hour, on RJR, for many years.  He was also instrumental in starting the Jamaican Theological Seminary, in Kingston, and brought the Caribbean Billy Graham Crusade to Kingston in 1958, at which Leighton Ford preached 5 nights, and Billy Graham preached the last 2 nights, and the Billy Graham Association returned twice more with Leighton Ford and Ralph Bell preaching. He also orchestrated the purchase of Kendal from the Clark family, and helped to set up, build and create the Kendal Camp Center under the Missionary Church Association, which is being used by many different denominations for conventions. He is currently “semi-retired” as he still is very involved in teaching weekly Bible classes in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, where his wife, Helen (96), and 3 daughters and their families also reside.

He would truly love to come back and visit Munro College and celebrate with you all but does travel that far anymore. But I can assure you that his heart was and will always be with beloved Jamaica and his heritage and memories”.

Posted on: April 24th, 2023