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Boris Buckley

Boris Buckley

It is with extreme regret and sadness, that The Munro College Old Boys Association reports the passing of Munronian Boris Buckley (1954-1958).

Boris came to Munro College as one of a group known as “The Shell Petroleum Boys from Venezuela”.

At this time, the 1950’s, the world experienced an oil boom and Venezuela had the world’s largest Petroleum Refinery.

Boris was Columbian by birth but his father, a Petroleum Engineer, had settled with a contract in Venezuela and sent his son, Boris, with several others to Munro College

As strange as life depicts, some two or three years ago Boris Buckley, discovered that there was a Munro College Old Boys’ Association, and promptly registered duly, paying his annual dues. His last payment was but some two months before his passing.

Boris became ill at his home in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, suffered a stroke in December 2020 and passed on Monday, Feb 15, 2021. Boris leaves a dear wife and three daughters.

Posted on: April 24th, 2023