Munro College Old Boys Association


In 2012, under the presidency Arthur Williams, the MCOBA Hall of Fame was launched. Since then, the Hall of Fame (HOF) Induction Ceremony has become the premiere event on the MCOBA annual calendar of events.
The goal is to shine light on the lives of those extraordinary individuals, holding them up as characters for others to model and aspire to in propelling the development of a greater Jamaica.

Two major functions of the MCOBA are to recognize: 

  • Individuals who have had a significant impact on the evolution, development, and direction of the school.
  • Alumni who have achieved a level of professional, community, national, and/or academic excellence that brings honor to their alma mater.
To this end, the Hall of Fame was established to acknowledge and celebrate: 
  • Members of the administration or staff of the school who have made significant impacts on the development of the school and on the lives of the students.
  • Old Boys of the school who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields and who have contributed positively to their school, community or country in the years following graduation. 
Criteria for Induction

The Administration/Staff nominees for induction, living or deceased, must have made significant contribution to the school, with emphasis on:

  • development of the institution;
  • development of the academic, sporting or extra-curricular activities of the school;
  • impact of the lives of the students.
The Old Boy nominees for induction, living or deceased, must have made significant contributions to the school, community or country, in the following areas:
  • sports;
  • education: degrees, educational honours, research, and publications;
  • community /civic contribution;
  • contribution to Arts and Science;
  • affiliations: professional, community, church, leadership positions;
  • honours, awards, offices held;
  • business accomplishments;
  • other notable achievements not listed above which merit consideration.