Munro College Old Boys Association

Munro College Old Boys Association

Formed in 1941, the Munro College Old Boys Association (MCOBA) is a non-profit, membership based organization, with our secretariat located in Kingston, Jamaica. Founded by graduates of Munro College and Potsdam School, the Association fosters networking of past students, allowing them to consolidate their efforts to assist members and the school in the areas of:

Mentorship – both, students at Munro and members

Student welfare assistance – providing support to needy students

Extra-curricular activities support – coordinating and assisting with resources

School Infrastructure and learning facilities funding and development

The Association also serves as an avenue for the continued professional and personal development of past students through the staging of social and business events in live and online formats. These and other activities help to promote a feeling of unity and camaraderie among past and present students. MCOBA seeks to maintain a register of all living members, whether they reside in Jamaica or elsewhere. This facility allows for communication with the membership base on ongoing activities of the Association as well as relevant school activities.